The Propel loan

Funding at the speed of opportunity

The right loan at the right time can give your small business a big boost.

Loans up to $50,000. Monthly payments, no automatic daily draws. Decisions in as few as 48 hours and expedited funding. Created with first-time or credit-building business borrowers in mind.

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Find out if you qualify before you apply

Save guesswork and time with the Propel Loan. We spell out what it takes to qualify right up front so you can decide before you apply if a Propel Loan is right for your business.

Speed With Service

Time is money when you’re a small business, so we expedite a decision and fund delivery to your business bank account. And, a real person will answer your questions along the way.

Pay monthly Fixed rates

The Propel Loan offers borrowers a combination of control and access that’s unique in the market with fixed rates and standard monthly payments that set you up for success.

Qualifying Checklist:

See if The Propel Loan is right for you.

$5,000 to $50,000 for working capital

$4,500 minimum monthly revenue

6 months in business

600 minimum credit score

12.5% fixed interest

5% fee to repay before month 12, 3% before maturity

36 or 60 month repayment period

“The Propel Loan really made all this possible. From purchasing our equipment, making the first payment on our lease, and taking care of labor, the Propel Loan truly propelled us. We’ve been able to bring a lot of different people into the fold, and I’ve gone from being a small business owner to a small business owner with employees.”

Michael Spencer, Owner, Nash Dogs


Going for a small business loan can be hard, especially for first-time and credit-building borrowers. With the Propel Loan, you’re always in the pilot’s seat with up-front requirements, expedited funding, monthly payments not daily draws, and fixed, not variable, rates.

The Propel Loan offers a 12.5% fixed rate with a term of 36 or 60 months (plus a 3% fee for payoff before month 36). Use loan proceeds as working capital so you can fund general operations.

The Propel Loan is designed to count owners in so they can access the funds they need to move their businesses forward. We believe monthly revenue is a stronger predictor of staying power than credit score and time in business, especially for first-time or credit-building borrowers.

The Propel Loan application keeps it simple. The streamlined application asks for a one-year tax return and 3 monthly bank statements. No business plan required.

Choosing a Propel Loan gives you more than the capital that comes with a loan. When you become a client with Pathway Lending, you’ll build your capacity, too. Get free enrollment in Pathway Learning and access online workshops and multi-week courses on a range of business topics anytime, anywhere. We’ll also connect you with our dedicated advisors who are finance and marketing experts.

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