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Do you have an idea that you think would make a great business? Are you not sure what the right next step in your business journey is? You've come to the right spot! From coaches to bounce ideas off of, to classes to help you form your business model, Pathway wants to help you get started!

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The Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a great tool to help you think through your business model based on nine fundamental building blocks. It helps kick start your business planning process (or, refine existing business models)!

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Pathways To Business Ownership

Owning your own business is not a one-size fits all endeavor. Typically, when entrepreneurs think about starting their own business, we think about a new business we are ideating.

I have an Idea

This is what we think of, "I have an idea and I think it is a business." High risk equals high reward. You're in control, but your lifestyle will be married to the business.

Buy A Business

The opportunity to not start from scratch is enticing. Do your homework! Work with financial and marketing advisors to ensure the business is profitable and has a good reputation.

Employee To Owner

Gaining experience might result in an ownership opportunity in the company you are adding value to, and/or it might provide you the necessary experience to launch your own business.

Family Business

Your family legacy may be your family business. It is difficult to disconnect the two and that can lead to strained relationships. Your skill set might bring much needed change to fuel growth.


The business in a box pathway to business ownership! Buy the box, open it up, follow the instructions, and go! Carefully review contracts/agreements to understand franchise fees, royalties, restrictions, fines, marketing, supplies, etc.

    Where are you at in your business journey

    Tell us a little about you and where you're at, and we'll get you connected with a coach who can help suggest resources and next steps. This introductory service is a no-cost no-strings-attached way of getting plugged into Pathway.

    Share your idea with a Pathway coach

    Pathway coaches are experts in their field—former executives, CPA's, and more with expertise ranging from accounting to sales & marketing. We're ready to help you and your business start and grow!

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