Boost Your Business Growth Capacity

We know you're a savvy entrepreneur—you're creative and knowledgeable! You've got a great product/service and have done your homework on the market, but you recognize it will take more to grow your business.

Join Pathway coaches and featured experts for this collaborative 4-week series, curated to help you strengthen your business confidence and capacity!

4 Week Series

Returning in August

Class Schedule & Session Details

Week 1

Pricing Strategy: Marketing tools you can use.

Featured Pathway Coach: T.J. Miller, Director of Digital Client Experience and Senior Business Advisor, Marketing

Week 2

Revenue Streams: How to develop more than one revenue stream—looking at the contribution margin.

Featured Pathway Coach: Carla Loveless, Senior Business Advisor

Week 3

Forecasting: Cash flow forecasting.

Featured Pathway Coach: Kathy Morrison, Senior Business Advisor

Week 4

Financials: Understanding financial statements—balance sheet and income statement.

Featured Pathway Coach: Key Dawson, Senior Business Advisor

What is the cost of Discover

4 Sessions

Like all our programs, we bring high-value expertise and content beyond the price of the course. The cost is far more than the price, with a goal of making the class accessible to all business owners! This is thanks to our partners who support our work. The price for all four Discover sessions is $100. There are also scholarships available to help those interested.


If you answered yes to any of the above, Discover is for you

What Is Discover?

Discover is a four-week four-session class designed to help you master key areas of your business. Pathway coaches and featured experts will work hands-on with you to help prepare your business for growth.

Discover will help you:

Set informed business goals
Receive & Understand Performance Indicators
Take proactive action
Identify opportunities to improve financial results
Utilize financials more effectively
4 Week Series